Camo Claw ... this is the most universal ground blind system you will find. It can be used in the woods on turkey and deer hunts, plus Camo Claw also works for layout waterfowl field hunters. If you are goose hunter (you hunt from a pit) and are tired of dealing with corn stalks, cane, etc., falling in the floor of your pit, this is the system that will work for you!

Camo Claw comes to you READY-TO-HUNT! One piece, nothing to assemble. The Camo Claw is made with 3/8" steel rod that you stick in ground were you need it, and from there you bend the three fingers to suit your needs.

The three fingers are made of heavy #9 wire, each 3ft long, welded to a 3/8" ground rod. This rod is then covered with vinyl tubing. Next a camo burlap sock is applied. For the final touch multiple colored grasses are applied with wire ties. You will be able to customize the Camo Claw to work in many hunting arenaa ... with just a few wire ties you can add to Camo Claw as you like!   In many areas you will need nothing!  The best part about the Camo Claw is when time to move ... just fold it up, put it in backpack or blind bag, and you're ready to go.


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